CTE at Silver Lake

The Career & Technical Education Program at Silver Lake Regional High School is designed to provide you with an opportunity to develop skills which will prepare you for success in the 21st century. Success in a CTE program, earns you both a high school diploma and a certificate of technical proficiency. Silver Lake's goal is to graduate CTE students who are employable upon graduation and have options options for post-secondary education if they choose. Each year over 50% of CTE graduates enter post-secondary institutions.

The CTE programs at Silver Lake are Chapter 74 certified by the Massachusetts Department of Early and Secondary Education and follow state curriculum frameworks. All students need rigorous, challenging academic and technical courses to prepare them for the world of work or post-secondary education. CTE students have the same graduation and MCAS requirements. Students work with the guidance staff to creat a high school "career plan" and maintain a portfolio to showcase their skills and accomplishments upon graduation. Students enrolled in our CTE programs work at developing their academic and technical skills, as well as measurable outcomes in critical thinking, communications, individual and team problem solving and quality work habits and attitudes.