Application Process

Who can apply?
All interested students in the Silver Lake Regional School District. Out-of -district students from Pembroke, Duxbury, and other South Shore communities may also apply for admission. All student applicants must successfully complete the eighth grade and have been promoted to grade 9. All interested students entering grades 10 or 11 may also apply. However, acceptance will be on a space available basis.

How do I apply?
You can obtain an application from your guidance counselor or by contacting the Career & Technical office at 781-585-3844 Ext. 2005.
Simply complete the application form and return it to your guidance counselor. Your counselor will complete the appropriate section on the form and will forward it along with your student records to the Career & Technical office at Silver Lake.
Be absolutely sure all sections of the application are completed and that your parent/guardian has signed it. Incomplete applications will not be considered.

When is the application due?
Applications must be received by the Career & Technical office by April 15th of the year prior to acceptance into the program. The Middle School guidance office may advertise an earlier date, as they need to complete application packets before forwarding them to the High School. Applications received after the due date will be placed on a waiting list.
STUDENTS ALREADY ENROLLED AT SILVER LAKE PLEASE NOTE — No Applications will be accepted for enrollment after the 4th calendar week of school.

How are students selected?
All applications are reviewed and evaluated by the Career and Technical Staff. The Director of Career & Technical Programs, or his/her designee, will interview each candidate and then notify the student and his/her counselor in writing of his/her acceptance.
All applicants are rated in five areas:
  • Attendance for two preceding years - 20 points
  • Grades for two preceding years - 25 points
  • Discipline/conduct record for two preceding years - 20 points
  • Recommendation from a teacher or a counselor - 15 points
  • Interview - 20 points
Applicants must obtain at least 60 points to be accepted. The number of students accepted is based upon the number of spaces available. All students accepted and entering into grade 9 will participate in the Career & Technical Grade 9 Exploratory Program.

Where is the Application?
You can obtain the application from Silver Lake Regional High School or view and print it online HERE.