Grade 9 Exploratory

During the first semester, Grade 9 CTE students will visit each shop. Exploratory classes meet every day during term 1 and students spend approximately two weeks in each shop. At the beginning of term 2, students will have narrowed their interests down to two programs, where they will then spend approximately 20 days.
Early Education and Care students will take the class, Intro to Early Education and Care, in place of the Exploratory Program.

Students will experience first hand what skill areas are learned in each program and what career opportunities will be available in the future. Through exploration of each program area, students will develop ideas about their own interests, likes, and dislikes. At the same time, teachers have the opportunity to evaluate the student’s ability to be successful in the area.

At the end of the exploratory program, students are then placed in a CTE program major. Placement is based on student preference and performance in each of their explorations. School attendance, academic grades, and school discipline are also considered. Ratings obtained in the explorations will also be used for grading purposes during the first semester of school.