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Why should a student enroll in a Career & Technical Education Program?
  • Students will have the opportunity to earn a high school diploma AND a Certificate of Career & Technical Proficiency.
  • Integrated academic-career & technical education can help many students learn academic skills more effectively because they are applied learners.
  • Highly qualified, licensed instructors, with real trade/work experience.
  • Competency-based curriculum and portfolio assessment, outlined by the MA Department of Education
  • A freshman exploratory program to learn about all CTE programs, complete career interest assessments, and assist students in making the correct program choice.
  • Students learn through the use of realistic and relevant career and technical projects.
  • Students participate in challenging, high level career and technical, and academic studies.
  • Students can earn the opportunity to participate in supervised career & technical cooperative placements.
  • Students graduate with the ability to earn a living, go on to higher education, or enlist in the armed services.

What are the Post-Secondary opportunities for CTE students?
College Prep and Honors level classes are available to all students. Students take a comprehensive four-year curriculum plan of challenging high school academic courses that complement their technical major and fulfill graduation requirements. All students are being prepared for college through rigorous coursework. CTE students graduate with the best of both worlds the option to pursue further education or go directly into the world of work. 

What certificates, in addition to his/her high school diploma will my student graduate with ?
In addition to a Certificate of Career & Technical Proficiency, a student who successfully completes the CTE program has the potential to earn a variety of certificates. All students complete a 10-hour OSHA Safety Training program. Other certifications are dependent on the program your student chooses. 

Can a Career & Technical student participate in sports at Silver Lake Regional High School?
Once again, absolutely! Intramural and interscholastic sports, as well as all other co-curricular activities are available to all students. Some examples of activities that CTE students have participated in are: hockey, cross-country, basketball, wrestling, drama, and Key Club.
In addition, several co-curricular activities are exclusive to CTE students including: Future Farmers of America (FFA), the Ford/AAA Student Auto Skills Competition, and SKILLS USA.

Can students with special needs apply for admission to the CTE Programs at Silver Lake Regional High School?
Yes. Students with special needs have been very successful in the Career & Technical Education programs at Silver Lake.

Are some shops only for boys or only for girls?
No. All applicants should know that all Career & Technical Education opportunities are open to both male and female students. Silver Lake adheres to federal regulations, Title IX, and State Law Chapter 622, Section 504 which states that decisions relative to educational opportunities, admissions, and recruitment must not be made on the basis of sex, race, religion, handicap, or national origin.

What is the placement record at Silver Lake Regional High School?
For the past several years, over 90% of the graduating seniors from Silver Lake have been successfully placed in the job, school, or branch of military service of their choice.